Armel Patanian
User Experience Research, Writing & Design

"I place a high value on teamwork, critical thinking, elegance, and attention to detail."

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Call of Duty Mobile App
UX Research, UX Design, UX Writing
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Beyond 12 Action Board Z
Service Design, UX Research, UX Design, UX Writing
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Fridgee Mobile App
UX Design, UX Writing, UI Design
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Conga Z
Automotive UX Design, System Design

Some other work

I have more UX, game design, web design, and graphic design work. Here is a selection of these other projects.

Nina Wearable & App
UX/UI Design
UX Research
3D Modeling
UX/UI Design
UX Research
Augmented Reality
Desktop App Prototype
Machine Learning
Font Design
Halloween Dash
Board Game Design
Web Design
Snap Lens
Augmented Reality
Random Visuals
Graphic Design

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